Affordable Home Improvement Ideas:

1. Paint: paint your outside shutters, paint your front door, freshly paint the inside of your house. Inexpensive, albeit time consuming, but a fresh coat of paint makes a H.U.G.E difference when selling your home or giving it a face lift! Do you need help selecting colors for resale or for your home? Neutrals are great for resale or a personal color choice can transform your rooms!

Crew Realtor®, Kate Liscinsky, offers some help:

“Color is personal preference. Color is something that I love and brings me joy. I would be sad in a completely neutral home! That doesn’t mean you have to paint every wall a different color. I like to start with art. Find pieces that you love and then build around it. Toss pillows are another way to bring color in.”


2. Bathroom: Paint the vanity base, replace the faucet fixture, add an updated lighting fixture, re-caulk in the shower/tub areas, and clean your grout.


3. Kitchen: instead of dropping $60k on a brand new kitchen, consider painting your cabinets, adding new cabinet hardware, updating your lighting fixtures, replace your kitchen faucet, replace your appliances, add a tile backsplash, and consider adding a stone countertop!


4. Stairs: do you have the builder grade honey oak banisters?Gel stain to your rescue!


5. Light fixtures:Lowe’s online carries affordable light fixtures that instantly give your home a face-lift!


6. Fireplace: whitewash or a complete whiteout will instantly give your old brick a crisp, updated look!


7. Need more natural light? Add mirrors! Mirrors will make your home feel bigger.


8. Add window treatments. This adds an element to the room that softens all your hard lines and will visually complete your space!


9. Don’t forget to address curb appeal. You only get one chance to make a first impression and that starts when someone drives up to your home! Soft wash your house, your roof, add fresh mulch and make sure you have some plants in the front to soften the hard lines!


10. And finally, go into your renovation with savings set aside for the unexpected!

“The most common unforeseen costs during a renovation are the things you can’t see. Wiring, plumbing, duct work, utility systems can be very expensive to repair, replace, or relocate. That said, depending on the home and how long you plan to stay there, you shouldn’t be dissuaded from the renovation. Just make sure you are asking your contractor about possible issues beforehand so you can budget accordingly!” Kate