Top 10 Spring Cleaning Storage Hacks:


  1. Laundry Service. If someone said at the beginning of the homemaking career to run one load of laundry every single day, NO MATTER WHAT, would you? So, this thought isn’t really a “storage” hack but deserves to make the list. Now, fast forward a couple years and what is for sure is this concept is a must! Each day. Find something, anything, & put it in the washing machine. What happens after that is nobody’s business. You’re trying! But, if this area is still a struggle, you can also opt for a laundry service. We recommend My Laundry Delivered (servicing Severna Park, Arnold, & Annapolis + more!) and can attest that for a family of four, it can average out to about $45.00 a week. If you can find ways to make this a priority in your budget- it is a FOR SURE quality of life changer!

  1. Baskets & More Baskets. Gina Barton on D&C says baskets are her favorite storage hack! “On shelves and tables help keep things hidden and compartmentalized and are also appealing to the eye. It is also easier to find items you need and keep you consistently organized.” Produce in a hanging basket is also a wonderful idea to clear counter space in the kitchen!

  1. Storage Ottoman. A multipurpose ottoman is everything. Soft in texture to provide extra seating with extra space to store blankets, toys, or even a home office (really!) is a great storage hack! Want more for smaller spaces? Diane & Crew Realtor® Gina likes the clever ways at @REALSIMPLE.

  1. Wall Mount Letter Holder.  Search for one online and when it arrives, hang in a busy area like the kitchen. When looking, at least two slots minimum offer a great way to keep one with current mail & the other for items that need a response or need to be stored.

  1. Gift Wrap Hanger. A great place for one of these is in your coat or entry closet! It’s surprising how often having a place for tissue paper, tape, or gift bags can come in so handy.

  1. Command Hooks. “Command hooks are a great invention. I put mine on the inside of my closet doors to hang jewelry and accessories. You can also use in your kitchen to hold dish towels. The options are endless.”

  1. Banquette. Maximizing seating + storage is the perfect combination for a comfortable yet useful dining space. As an added bonus, buyers swoon over their charm every time they see one!

  1. Wipes. Yes, wipes. “Keeping a container of anti-bacterial wipes in bathroom vanities to wipe down counters and sinks regularly” is certainly the most easiest time saving hack!

  1. Systems. Pantries, garages, playrooms, & refrigerators all benefit from a system in our opinion as well as @systemsbysusie, a local organizational designer. Sometimes starting is the hardest part so it’s still considered a “hack” to enlist some help and D&C always does its best to SHOP LOCAL.

  1. Command Center. “Raising a busy family? Yes! Find a place in your home to be your dedicated drop zone area, command center, mudroom, or whatever you want to call it. It’s a spot/room in your house where you can easily identify storing spaces for your family’s backpack/sport’s bags, shoes, coats you wear everyday, car key hooks, a mail file system, your family calendar, etc. We’re all super busy, but when you take the time to organize and train your children (and spouse), it makes getting out the door each day a little easier ;)” – Team Lead, Diane Mallare