Fourth of July weekend is one of the best weekends in the city of Annapolis! Opportunities for cookouts, boating, and hanging by the pool, but it can be hard to find a comfortable spot to enjoy the fireworks that are set off by the Naval Academy. It was a sad year in 2020 since the annual show was canceled, but it’s back! Lucky for you we know some great spots that are open to see the fireworks, which start around 9 P.M. on July 4th! 

The City Dock: A great view of the fireworks can be seen from the city dock in Downtown Annapolis, but it can get crowded quickly. If you want a lively scene with lots of excited families, this is a great option!

On the water: If you or someone close to you has a boat, this is another great view and option to view the fireworks. It’s great for those who don’t necessarily want to be crammed in a crowd with a bunch of strangers. The fireworks can be seen from a far distance, so being in the Severn River would do. 

Severn River Bridge/WWII Memorial: The bridge as well as the WWII memorial are a popular location to view the fireworks. There are unobstructed views of the fireworks from these locations. 

Make sure to check ahead of time to see what the traffic is like getting into the Annapolis area and plan where you are wanting to park as parking can be sparse. It is also important to note that the aftermath of the fireworks may result in a long wait to get home, but we would say it is worth the experience! Another great event to attend are the Severna Park and Annapolis parades. The Severna Park parade is on Monday July 5th at 10 am. This parade starts on Benfield Rd and ends on Cypress Creek Rd, so expect road closures. The Annapolis parade is on Saturday July 3rd at 10:30 and goes from West St down to the City Dock!