My mother moving into our town

Moving to a new home and everything that process entails is very exciting and yet so overwhelming!  In short, the best decision a person moving to or within Maryland can make is to enlist the help of Diane and Crew of Taylor Properties. 

Following a few life-changing events, the time came for my husband and I to help my mother move from Texas to a spot closer to us in the greater Annapolis area.  While we had a general idea of what my mother wanted in her new home, an initial search of properties showed us we would need help to narrow down the field of options.  Diane Mallare and Gina Barton of Diane and Crew listened carefully to what my mother wanted in her new home and community.  The listings they passed on reflected both a clear understanding of what my mother wanted and a broad knowledge of the area and the options that are available.  They worked remotely with my mother who was still in Texas and locally with us as we plowed through viable properties. Gina responded quickly to all questions and requests to view listings.  And as we neared the end of this process, Gina provided expert guidance through every step of the way from crafting a competitive offer to closing on that property and beyond!

The level of service Gina provides is well above and beyond what one normally experiences in purchasing a home.  As detailed above, she does everything and anything she can to simplify this process from beginning to end for her clients.  If you or someone you love is in the market for a new home, do yourself a big favor and enlist the help of Gina at Diane and Crew.